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How interesting it would be if the lounges you step in for a night out turns out to be Moroccan and Indian themed style. Well, Club Katra NYC and Taj lounge are the perfect destinations to go to and enjoy nightlife with a twist of modern themes from Morocco and India.

And so Club Katra NYC is Moroccan themed duplex lounge offering hookah, comfy sitting areas, chill atmosphere and occasional belly dancing. It is a place your guests, colleagues, and friends will never forget. Whatever the event is, Club Katra NYC will fill your cultural craving. This lounge and dance club boosts up a full bar and tapas style food menu. With the DJ spinning an electric mix of music, the beats keep you dancing and moving till the night ends. The flavorful cocktail menu and the exquisite drinks add sweetness and savories to your night.

So, become a part of this glamorous lounge and bring Moroccan touch to your hang out with your favorite people.

Moreover, Taj in New York City is an Indian inspired cocktail lounge with a plenty of special events and dance space. Whether it’s a casual hang out with friends or a special event like your sister’s wedding celebration, Taj Lounge is the best place to bring your friends and family in and enjoy the best food menu and drinks. Taste American cuisines with the Indian influence. Feel yourself transferred to an ultimate luxury of dining and nightlife experience inspired from India. Taj in New York City is styled with the most exclusive and upscale décor and couches and banquettes for people to lounge in from all around the city. The place and its staff help you to coordinate entertainment, audio visual, and decor and offer customized menus to meet the needs and desires of your event special. The place ensures that the event you celebrate here becomes an unforgettable experience. Well, Taj in New York City has everything to assure you with the best night out experience.

And if you’re planning a trip to the New York City, so don’t forget to come to Taj Lounge and Club Katra. Well, you are guaranteed to spend a very good time here with the best people in your life.


New York City is full of exciting night clubs and lounges. These night bars and clubs have everything that makes any night party and night out incredible. From best bottle services to the amazing packages the night clubs of the New Yew City proves to gives you the best night clubbing experience.

One of the most amazing clubs in NYC is the Jay z club in NYC. It is a sports bar. The Jay Z club in NYC is popularly known as 40/40 club. The club atmosphere is amazing. The ceilings are huge, and the color theme of the club is caramel brown and gold. The luxurious box styled sitting arrangement attracts the young boys and girls to the jay z club in NYC. The stairs lead up to the private rooms. The LCDs, LEDs and plasma TV’s and the gaming atmosphere provides you with a sporty vibe. The amazing packages offered by the jay z club in NYC include engagement, wedding, birthday, bachelorette, graduation and fund raiser. Along with best bottle service enjoy the night at the most stylish gaming bar. The wonderful bottle menu of Jay z club in NYC includes liquor of all types like alcohol, champagne, wine, cognac, rum, whiskey and much more. The menu also includes refreshing drinks like lemonade, flavorful juices, and frozen cocktails. Creamy shared are also served at the Jay z club in NYC.

Another exciting and stunning night club of New York City is the marquee club. The marquee club is very well furnished along with the retractable roof. The club provides all the fun and entertainment under one roof. The club is famous for the excitement it brings before the upcoming events. The marquee New York calendar has a lot of exciting events. The marquee New York calendar includes events like New Year eve, Halloween event, masquerade parties, Christmas event, and Independence Day is celebrated at the Marquee club. All these upcoming events of the event are celebrated with happiness and zeal. Know about the new upcoming events by having a look at the Marquee New York calendar. Music, lights, DJ, live performances, drinks and brunches, all of these things make the nights of the club mind blowing.

Register yourself at the incredible upcoming event arranged at the Marquee club NYC. Buy your tickets for the fantastic event and be a part of an amazing crowd.


New York is famous for its nightlife. And there is a series of clubs that are opened in the New York City. But it’s not possible to have all the facilities and all the luxuries under one roof. But now this is possible, with the world’s classy and well maintained club one can have all the excitement and fun under one roof.

NYE club is ranked as the club of the month at Djenbefola. NYE has all those specifications that make it first ranked among all the clubs. NYE club has great packages for the people of the New York. Several events are celebrated in the NYE clubs. Christmas events, New Year event parties are celebrated at the NYE club. Birthday event planning, bachelorette event, girls/guys night out parties and much more. Other than this wedding events are also arranged at NYE club.

With the wide range of first quality wines, champagne and beers make your life moments memorable and ravishing. The glam and glitz of the NYEclub attract the people to be a part of the fun nights. The sparking, glowing and bright light make the surrounding venue delightful. The laughter of the people at the club give an expression of togetherness.

The grand events and the night parties held at NYE clubs welcomes enormous gathering at a time. The Mega dance club has the best collection of hip hop, rock mash up, remixes and features the hottest and erotically attractive dancers performing on the beats of the music and fascinates the viewers. Hip hop music played by the professional musicians give a great sparkle to the events.  Events are even more fantabulous with the live performances and concerts of the iconic celebrities and singers.

Delicious and tasteful brunches are also prepared for the guests and partygoers. The flavorful starters and deserts make the events lovely. With the exclusive background and fully decorated walls arouse the people and deliver the good vibes to the people.

So people what you are waiting for. Be yourself a part of the fun nights of NYE club and make your life events happier and unforgettable. Move your booty on the beats of the music and enjoy the craziness of your life. Mesmerizing offers of the top ranked NYE club are very limited so be a member of the happening events. The cozy late night bar is opened for the ultimate joy and amusement.